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Week Notes 2021/42+43

Sun Oct 31, 2021


Notes for the weeks of 18th through 31st of October 2021.

Well the four months of darkness are finally here, so the on coming anxiety of winter is tempered by it now being here.

The Notes


Running & Adventures

Two good weeks of volume. Mixed feelings on how hard the effort was in week forty-two. Running in the evening now means dealing with dark skies and inclement weather. However, I’ve managed to get through October and stay active, so I’m reasonably upbeat about keeping in the groove over winter. I’m starting to make plans for some longer trips once late spring comes. Also, in a few weeks I’m planning a one day adventure on what was once familiar ground.

I don’t feel like documenting everything from Strava at the moment. The long run on Sunday 24th was a 16km beast of a run that wrecked me for the afternoon. Today’s 11km was far gentler and kinder on the body. I hit more than 30 kilometres a week for the last two, which is good. Also, I plucked up the courage to do another hill repeat session. Worst session, but also the best session.



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