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Week Notes 2021/33+34

Tue Aug 31, 2021


Notes for the week of 16th through 29th of August 2021.

A double week note because I spent the middle weekend away with the Cairngorm Club.

The Notes


Running & Adventures

“I honestly did not expect such a large jump in my time there. Last week was pretty rough with the Cairngorm Club trip on Sunday and a pretty intense day on Thursday lifting weights then doing a speed session. Really happy I’ve finally broken the sub twenty-five minute mark for 5km, as that’s been a long standing goal. And to see that reflected in both my watch time and the course time is pretty nice.

“Honestly, I think the strength and conditioning work I’ve been doing with free weights has made a difference in helping me be able to work harder than before and for longer, so I was able to keep a consistent pace of ~5/KM.

“This morning was fueled by a trek bar and a mug of tea about forty-five minutes before the start. Last night I ate a relatively light lentil dahl with flat bread because I was testing a recipe for backpacking.”



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