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Week Notes 2021/24+25+26+27

Mon Jul 12, 2021


Notes for the two weeks of 14th June through 11th of July 2021.

The production of these weeks notes has fallen fallow for the last month or so. A number of factors have contributed to this. Prime among them is a general feeling of exhaustion and disquiet brought on by feeling rather isolated in the North East of Scotland. Poor work and sleep habits on my part haven’t contributed anything positive to my general happiness either.

Probably the biggest blow to my mood was a weekend trip to Glen Nevis getting canceled at the last minute. I’m also starting to get cautious about some of the solo mountaineering trips I’ve been thinking about doing. The COVID numbers are not good at the moment in the UK. As I am with out a car at present my options are limited to locations I can reach with public transport.

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