It’s a strange world. Let’s keep it that way.

Week 35, 2018

Everything is awful. Our planet and societies are facing numerous ecological collapses inflicted by humanity. There’s no escape in the face of post-capitalism flattening all cultural consumption into a desert of mega-franchises. All we can do is record our activities and perceptions in the desperate hope of being able to reconstruct the a place outside of what Alexei Yurchak called “HyperNormalisation”. This is my attempt for week 35, 2018.

Status & Plan (Monday)

  • It is a bank holiday weekend here in the UK. Mostly I have played Nier: Automata because it is highly enjoyable game. Also, a better cut of science fiction than most contempory efforts, but then it’s a weird game for weird people, not film and TV executives.
  • A long funk over my personal writing projects has reached the point where I’m abandoning the current project. It isn’t working for me. There’s thousands of words building a road into an empty marsh. It was starting to affect my already low levels of enthusiasm
  • Tomorrow a project I’ve been working on goes into testing again. It mostly went well last time. Let’s hope that it goes better this time
  • I have to attend a funeral on Friday. Up north. Earlier today I bought a black suit and tie. Two things that I’ve avoided buying my entire adult life
  • After putting these notes together I’m going to start a new short fiction project. I’m going to try hard to keep it constrained and realistic. Let’s say the first draft must be finished by September 8th
  • I really need to decide what shmup I’m learning. There are so many to choose from!
  • As I write this I’m listening to a band called Tunng, reccomended by Johnny Chiodini. Very apt for a rainy August bank holiday

The Retrospective (Sunday)

  • The funeral went as well as those things can be expected to go
  • Yesterday, I spent the day carving up the second half of Nier: Automata stretched out on the floor. I finished ending A just before lunch today. The gameplay loop of Nier is a rare of example of something that gets me addicted. Any game/text which has a robot cargo culting Jean-Paul Satire is enjoyable
  • Instead of finishing Invisible Cities (which I’m going to spend some time with soon), I read “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine” by Michael Lewis. Narrative non-fiction with reasonable amount of surface detail is another thing that I can get addicted to.
  • I think the work project went well, but since I was out of the office on Friday I need to check the figures tomorrow morning. The data I had on Thursday evening was positive
  • There were three sequential days of work on the short story project, with the last day Wednesday, being a tired slog at the writing group/circle in a desperate attempt to earn reward beer in the pub after. I’m happy with the progress that I’ve made so far
  • I’m listening to Leonard Cohen’s last album “You Want it Darker” again while I hide in a darkened study in post-headache and post-coffee clarity.