It’s a strange world. Let’s keep it that way.

Abeerdeen I

The North Sea in late september 2019

Last week I moved northwards to Aberdeen, Scotland. This has been on the cards for a couple of months now, ever since my partner was offered a job in the city. I had intended to write more about the move, but I didn’t really have the capacity to until now.

The opportunity J has here is significant, so had to be taken, even if it means leaving behind the communities we were involved with, like the Speculators and Tech Nottingham. I will be working remote for my current employer, so nothing has changed there, but instead of living in a not so great part of Leicester I get to live in a beautiful part of Aberdeen with access to a lot of good food, fine whisky distilleries, mountains, and beaches.

I am feeling generally more relaxed already, even if distant from people and places I cared a lot about. A lot of new routines and habits will have to be built, but, for now, this change seems right.

Let’s see how this goes.