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TIL: Spacemacs Ctrl-Z

Fri Jul 16, 2021

Today, I learned a very useful keyboard short cut within Spacemacs:


This switches the editor or frame or window (I’m not sure which) between using emacs or evil inputs. This is important as I type most text with Vim key bindings, but haven’t yet made the leap to using those bindings in shells like Bash or Zsh. Emacs also has some reasonably okay terminal emulators included, which are fine for most of the commands I run within Zsh. It’s not a good idea to run daemon processes within Emacs as ctrl-z and a few other keyboard commands that send signals to the terminal are overridden by Emacs. Also, I’m not likely to connect to remote sessions through Emacs because nesting tmux within Emacs just seems foolish.

This learning might improve my life quite a bit because it means Visual Studio Code, which I personally found mostly awful, and go back to using Emacs full time.

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