It’s a strange world. Let’s keep it that way.

Granite City One

I’m sat in The Distilling House, the bar past security at Aberdeen Airport. There’s a last of a glass of Glen Garioch and the remains of a steak sandwich next to me. Jen & I have just visited the city for two nights so we could put boots on the ground here for the first time in five years. (This is our second visit.) She spent about three hours taking with colleagues at her new job, and we both looked at a house to rent. It is becoming more and more real that we are moving here in a short amount of time.

We also didn’t have a bad meal here, which is promising, and by yesterday evening I’d decided that I will be very happy here. Obviously I will miss friends from the south, but, honestly, I take the view that those connections which are meaningful now will be maintained by both parties.

Some key discoveries were made:

  • Food Story, a chain of two coffee and food places, does excellent vegetarian and vegan food, sells good coffee, and has a zero waste store
  • Cafe 52, a British/local small plate restaurant in a railway arch
  • Six Degrees North, which is a rediscovery as we visited during the last time here. A brewery and bar that out Brewdogs Brewdog, and just down the road from them
  • The Craftsman, a bar near the harbour. Brews some decent beer. The breakfasts wasn’t bad ether
  • The Tollbooth is a scary museum. Big lads won’t fit!